Meet Our Team

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Amy Flowers, PhD: Dr. Flowers is dedicated to the issues of public health and social justice. Amy Flowers founded Analytic Insight in 2007 to help organizations make evidence-based decisions and develop more resilient, equitable and livable communities. Dr. Flowers has over 20 years of experience in program evaluation and research method and is skilled in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and analysis. Dr. Flowers is trained in qualitative interviewing and facilitator techniques by the RIVA Institute, the gold-standard in interviewer training, and is skilled in the use of NVIVO software for qualitative data analysis.

Dr. Flowers is a skilled speaker and presenter with invitations to speak at the Centers for Excellence in Disability Research (CEDR) conference, sponsored jointly by DHHS and Mathematica, as well as at the National Home and Community-Based Services Conference sponsored by the Administration on Aging (AoA) and the National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities (NASUAD). She also conducted a workshop in 2019 at the Global 360 qualitative conference in Amsterdam.

Dr. Flowers has a BA from the University of California at Berkeley and earned her PhD at the University of Southern California in sociology. She is a proud mother of two. In 2009, while working on a study for the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, she brought her young daughter to interviews with native Alaskan elders as a way of humanizing the research and interactions and strengthening a common bond. Dr. Flowers also enjoys serving her community. She served for the previous eight years on the Board of Directors for the local organization running Meals on Wheels.

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LaVette Burnette, PhD: Dr. Burnette serves as Analytic Insight’s communications and social equity expert and provides expertise in critical race theory. Dr. Burnette currently serves as Associate Professor of New Media and Communication for Middle Georgia State University. She seeks to facilitates student learning through an interdisciplinary approach to communication, diversity, inclusion, gender studies, and media studies. Dr. Burnette has created seven fully online courses and has taught over 20 courses either fully online or using a hybrid format. Dr. Burnette has served on numerous committees related to ensuring the principles of DEI are instituted throughout an organizational structure.

Dr. Burnette recently published “The Love of My Sisters: Exploring Black Women Academics’ Narratives on the Uses and Benefits of Sister Circles”[1]. This study explored how Black women academics (BWA) use formal and informal networks to overcome cultural violence and social injustices within the academy. BWA documentation of the hegemonic pressures of the universal myth in the classroom and troublesome interactions with fellow faculty members offer scholars the opportunity to question how BWA foster and maintain beneficial networks of support.

The findings challenged the notion that informal networks were more beneficial than a formal network. This exploratory study created a direct linkage to BWA and FKN, as well as introduced the concept of a network circle to aid BWA to overcome hegemonic pressures experienced in the academy.

Dr. Burnette received both her BA and MA from Western Kentucky University and received her PhD in Public Communication from Georgia State University. Her awards include the Georgia State University Diversity Award (2013), the Middle Georgia State Most Valuable Player (MVP) (March 2014) and she has twice been recognized as the Student Government Association’s Teacher of the Year (2008 and 2011).

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Leslie Ogilvie, MPA: Ms. Ogilvie is dedicated to building resilient and equitable communities and addressing the needs of vulnerable populations through data-driven decision making. Leslie provides innovative assessment and planning services to local communities nationwide with a focus on homelessness, housing insecurity and disparities in healthcare and access to social services. Leslie is committed to providing effective recommendations that are feasible to implement and based on the knowledge and expertise of local stakeholders.

In her work for AI, Leslie specializes in qualitative research, conducting numerous key informant interviews, as well as interviews of people and families experiencing homelessness or suffering from mental illness or substance abuse disorders.  Leslie facilitates focus groups and strategic planning sessions using participatory research techniques that engage participants to develop thoughtful and meaningful dialogue or solutions. Leslie is trained in qualitative interviewing and facilitator techniques by the RIVA Institute, the gold-standard in interviewer training.

Leslie’s professional history includes 11 years as a certified paralegal helping people who suffered workplace accidents receive benefits and healthcare services. She also served as Assistant to the Executive Director at Cape Fear Public Utility Authority in Wilmington, North Carolina where she managed a large-scale survey of the Authority’s customer base, as well as local housing developers and third-party vendors. The results helped the Authority Board establish goals and priorities for future investment and determine what policies and procedures needed to be revised or changed. 

Leslie received her Master's in Public Administration in 2017 from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Leslie enjoys advocacy efforts in her personal life, including participating in voter registration drives, voting observation efforts, and ensuring equal access to the voting booth for all people.

Leslie also serves on the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) for her children's elementary school. This work focuses on literacy efforts, provides teacher grants for student supplies or other non-budgeted resources and funds field trips for students to expand their knowledge and experiences beyond the classroom.

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Joshua Flowers, BA: Mr. Flowers serves as a senior data analyst for Analytic Insight. He has worked at AI for the past five years on needs assessments, program evaluations, and other projects. His work has included managing large data sets and creating compelling data visualizations.


Josh manages AI’s online survey platform through SNAP. His experience includes qualitative data coding and transcription of key informant interviews, as well as quantitative statistical analysis using SPSS and GIS mapping techniques.


He received his BA from the University of Maine, Farmington.In his spare time, he is a hobbyist writer who has been published in Flash Fiction Magazine and The Literary Hatchet, amongst others.

[1] Burnette, LaVette M., "The Love of My Sisters: Exploring Black Women Academics’ Narratives on the Uses and Benefits of Sister Circles." Dissertation, Georgia State University, 2019.