Analytic Insight (AI) generally uses a mixed-methodology approach to collect both quantitative and qualitative data that provides comprehensive and meaningful recommendations, strategies, reports and other deliverables. AI’s research team is well-versed in all aspects of data collection, qualitative and quantitative data analysis and reporting.

Key Informant Interviews

AI often begins the research process with key informant interviews of stakeholders. This approach provides both quantitative and qualitative data to be applied to future questionnaire development, focus group discussion guides, strategic planning moderator guides and analysis and interpretation of other research results.   

Focus Groups

AI has conducted focus groups among many specialized groups, including teens, young adults, people who have a disability, service providers and many others. Our focus group moderators are trained by the RIVA Institute, the gold standard in focus group training. 


AI conducts surveys of stakeholders, service providers, staff members and employees, state residents, community residents and specialized groups. We provide surveys both online and by mail. AI develops our own advertising for our surveys to maximize participation. 

Strategic Planning Sessions

AI has extensive experience facilitating strategic planning sessions of stakeholders. Our strategic planning session exercises and solutions-based approach bring extra value to the assessment and strategic planning process.