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Health and Wellness Program Evaluation Research

AI conducts health-related program evaluation, with several projects focused on Medicare programs, needs assessments and focus groups measuring a range of services.

AI is currently engaged in two projects for the Baltimore County Department of Health (BCDH). These projects include facilitating and assisting BCDH and community stakeholders in the development of a needs assessment and strategic plan to guide the creation of both a Birth Outcomes Initiative and a Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative.

AI conducted the Title V Needs Assessment and developed the 2021-2025 State Action Plan for the Maryland Department of Health, Maternal and Child Health Bureau. This entailed a comprehensive assessment of the health needs of mothers, children, including children and youth with special health care needs, and their families. Our experience evaluating Maryland’s Title V program helped us develop a nuanced understanding of research addressing health care disparities and access. 

AI completed a project with the Maryland Department of Health on a Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) Needs Assessment. The goal of the CACs Needs Assessment was to learn about each child advocacy center’s resources for helping assess and address child maltreatment.

AI worked with Maryland’s Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) to conduct consumer quality research of the Maryland All-Payer total cost of care model.

AI conducted a study of the public health delivery system through a network of community-based organizations known as the “Healthy Maine Partnerships.” This study included a mixed methodology of qualitative interviews and Internet surveys. The goal of the research was to understand the impact of changes in organizational structure on the ability of the partner agencies to communicate, share resources and work together. This project is offered as an example of AI’s ability to gather data from community partners, our understanding of the complexities of organizational partnerships and the impact of environment and organizational structure on service delivery.