Recent Projects

The following projects are a sample of our varied research and evaluation contracts. 

Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study

Analytic Insight is assisting Westat with conducting focus groups for the PATH study. We are arranging logistics, recruiting the groups, moderating and provide reporting to Westat. The focus of these groups is on youth perceptions of social media messaging related to tobacco and tobacco products.


We will also be conducting validation interviews for the study using our CATI center and trained interviewers. 


The Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study is a national longitudinal study of tobacco use and how it affects the health of people in the United States. The PATH Study is the largest research effort undertaken by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since Congress gave FDA authority to regulate tobacco products in 2009. 

Benefit Specialist Program Evaluation

Disability and Elder Benefit Specialist programs help answer questions and solve problems related to Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, health insurance and other public and private benefits for older adults and people with disabilities.

This study explored the dynamics of the customer experience within Wisconsin’s Disability and Elder Benefit Specialist programs, offered at county aging units and Aging & Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) throughout the state. 

The research was conducted in four phases:

  1. Interviews with ADRC directors and staff at fifteen ADRCs;

  2. Interviews with Program Attorneys;

  3. In-depth, qualitative interviews with consumers of the programs;

  4. Statewide customer satisfaction survey.

The results provided the State with a clear understanding of the strengths of the program, evidence of its impact on consumers and opportunities for specific service improvements.

Senior Needs Assessment

​The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, in order to explore current and future needs of baby boomers and seniors in the County, commissioned a Seniors' Agenda.  The purpose was to identify ways the County could include the needs of seniors in its planning and and implementation of city services. 


Analytic Insight developed a seniors needs assessment to:

  • Describe seniors’ perceptions of the availability and quality of information, assistance and other services;

  • Explore unmet needs;

  • Assess satisfaction with current services;

  • Help prioritize by determining which services will have the greatest impact on the quality of life for seniors and other residents. 

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