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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Analytic Insight (AI) specializes in community needs assessments, and many of our projects focus on helping organizations align their procedures, policies and structure with the values of equity, diversion and inclusion. 

EDI (or DEI) Needs Assessments

AI is finalizing a project proviiding the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) with an objective assessment of CDHS’s assets, culture, processes and procedures through an DEI lens. This baseline information will be used to assess and track any divergence between the vision, values and communications of CDHS and the perceptions of staff and residents of Colorado who are served by the Department.

AI’s methodology included three avenues for employees, staff and other key stakeholders to offer input and participate in data collection activities throughout the assessment process. These avenues included key informant interviews, a broadly distributed online survey and an interactive project website to provide ongoing project updates and additional opportunities for staff, employees, stakeholders and residents to participate and express their opinions.

AI conducted over 30 key informant interviews and received over 1,000 completed online survey responses from staff, department partners and community members. If your project involves sparking the interest and participation across a broad organization, we look forward to working with you to distribute invitations to participate and recieve a similarly inspiring response. 

The following logiic model is from a study we conducted related to equity in the cannabis industry. For this project, we examined existing business and employment conditions in the Denver cannabis industry and a “playbook” with recommendations and guidance for any business assistance and programs for City agencies, non-profit partners, private businesses and stakeholders to help current and future residents, employees and businesses address disparities in equity and industry participation.

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