Housing and Homelessness

AI has worked with various local governments to assess the housing and service needs of people experiencing homelessness in their community and to develop strategies to address those needs. These plans have included cross-jurisdictional and cross-agency collaboration strategies and evaluation of local homelessness initiatives.

AI works to combat and end homelessness by researching best practices, speaking with people experiencing homelessness, service providers, city leaders and other advocates, conducting strategic planning sessions with key stakeholders in the community, and creating a community action plan that is feasible to implement and supported by the community. Oklahoma City, for example, is currently moving forward with the homelessness plan and we receive regular updates from City staff and stakeholders who take pride in their progress.

In the past five years, AI has developed strategies to address housing insecurity and homelessness for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Licking County, Ohio, Lexington-Fayette County, Kentucky, Chattanooga, Tennessee and Santa Clarita, California.